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Sprint Review

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Big Visible Charts

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Burn Down Chart

Plots units of work that remain to accomplish (Y axis) against units of time (X axis). In Scrum, the Burn Down Chart is a key artifact. Release Burn Down The units of work that appear on a Burn Down Chart … Continue reading

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Backlog Grooming

1) The process of adding new user stories to the backlog, re-prioritizing existing stories as needed, creating estimates for previously un-estimated stories, and decomposing large stories into smaller stories or tasks. Backlog grooming is both an ongoing process and the … Continue reading

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Also: Iteration Review, Sprint Review A meeting, held at the end of an iteration, at which the development team demonstrates working software and solicits feedback from the product owner, the customer, management, other development teams and other project stakeholders. In … Continue reading

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Information Radiator

Also: Big Visible Charts In Agile Software Development, the preferred way of displaying data visualizations is to post them on the wall in the team’s common workspace (i.e., rather than logging them in a spreadsheet). Examples of information radiators include … Continue reading

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An umbrella term for iterative, incremental software development methodologies. Agile methodologies include Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Lean, and Feature-Driven Development (FDD). Agile methodologies arose in opposition to the traditional, phase-driven “Waterfall” development method, which … Continue reading

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