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A large that awaits into smaller stories prior to implementation. When an epic story works its way up the , it is usually so decomposed. Epics are sometimes far off on the development horizon and have lower priority. In the … Continue reading

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Also: Agile Principles The Agile Principles, like the , were first stated by a group of independent software development pundits who gathered at the Snowbird resort in Utah in 2001 in order to codify the their shared philosophy. The result … Continue reading

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The Agile Values were formalized by a group of software development pundits who gathered in Snowbird, Utah in February, 2001 to attempt to collectively grok what all of them recognized as an emergent trend in their various practices. What they … Continue reading

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The traditional method for developing and delivering software. The Waterfall method breaks a project into discrete stages: requirements-gathering design coding testing In a Waterfall process, each step must be completed before moving on to the next, and all steps in … Continue reading

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See .

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User Story

Also: Story A user story is an agile requirement expressed from the user’s point of view, stated as a sentence or two of plain English. A user story typically fits on a note card and may include a title and … Continue reading

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The process of breaking down into smaller user stories and tasks. See Story Splitting which is now much more commonly used. Background Of The Term The term derives from the philosophy of mathematics and from systems science where it is … Continue reading

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In the framework, any obstacle preventing a developer or team from completing work. One of the focusing questions each member of a scrum team answers during the daily is: What impediments stand in your way? Impediments may include such things … Continue reading

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In and , a unit of work, estimated in hours. During the iteration planning meeting, user stories are decomposed into tasks. In his book, Agile Software Development with Scrum, Ken Schwaber writes, “Tasks should have enough detail so that each … Continue reading

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Scrum Board

See .

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