Stand-Up Meeting

Also: Daily Scrum, Scrum

A short, daily all-hands meeting in which members of an Agile team address three key questions:
What did you get done since the last stand-up?

What will you do before the next stand-up?

What impediments stand in your way?

The meeting is held at the same time and in the same place every day, with team members standing in a small circle. The point of standing up is to discourage the kinds of tangents and discursions that make for meeting hell, and the meeting is usually time boxed to no more than 15 minutes. The stand-up focuses on peer-to peer coordination through information exchange, and the meeting serves to raise the visibility of each person’s work and to ensure work integration. Only members of the development team participate, as many people as can comfortably stand in a small circle.


The concept of the Daily Stand Up meeting originated with Extreme Programming. It was adapted to Scrum, where it is known as the Daily Scrum or Scrum.

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